New Poll About Next Update

Hey there everyone, Libra here.

This devlog is regarding a proposed change with the upcoming updates. Please use the link below to answer the poll. The poll is up for one week. Only votes in the poll will be counted to our decision.

Basically, we're wondering if you the player want to keep your ability to name your MC in the subsequent updates or would you prefer his name to be set to Kobu at all times. Take a minute to share your opinion.

Additionally, we've heard your feedback and wish to address one of these issues in an upcoming demo update. Please stand by.

  1. Dyslexia font causes some text to be cut off.

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It doesn't affect my experience, so whatever is easiest from development perspective would be my choice.

I'd like to be able to name the demon lord when I play. Sorry, I don't have access to Twitter..


Hey, out of curiosity, will the updates be free to the public or will they be Patreon member exclusive/ have a price on itch?