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Where the Demon Lurks is a visual novel where you are in the shoes of the newest Demon Lord, ruler of all corrupted souls in the Underworld, the most feared being that commands an army of demons and other unholy spawns of the earth. All that... and you're bored by every second of it. 

The Underworld isn't what it used to be. The soul-crushing-soul-torturing mega corporation is hell-bent on processing corrupted souls. Inheriting this company that practically runs itself, the Demon Lord questions his purpose.

Find out what it's like to be a reluctant ruler and meet a cast of demons, angels and other magical and not-so-magical misfits. Just what kind of a Demon Lord will you be in the end?

About the Game

Where the Demon Lurks is a mostly kinetic SFW visual novel with a few branching parts, and some occasional fan service.

To get easier and faster access to WTDL update news follow our Twitter page.  If you like what we are making consider supporting us on Patreon for early access to updates and additional rewards depending on your support tier!

Content Warning: This visual novel may contain content of mild violence, mild language and/or minimal suggestive themes, but this is mainly a SFW VN.


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This game is proudly brought to you by:

V 0.7 Changes & Notes:

    1. Typo fixes
    2. Lucian route updated


  • Happy New Years!

Additional Notes: 

  1. The game is released for PC/Mac & Linux only. If you find another version, then it is not by us. 
  2. If you have any bugs to report, please do so in the itch.io comment section.
Updated 25 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(305 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel, Adventure, Interactive Fiction
TagsBara, Comedy, Furry, Gay, LGBT, Magical Realism, Story Rich
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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will this have an official chinese language in future update?

That would require further discussion but for now we direct players to https://twitter.com/ABLocalization/status/1601681066749988864?t=89DK7RQBMbNCaCU8...

To try the Chinese translation they have implemented.



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Excellent story and art I'm digging it so far. Kobu is doing things for me... All the right things...

Question... I know you say this is safe for work but Will there be nsfw content at some point? Also I'm going to assume there's going to be some romance options in the future? 

 Just wondering but we'll play regardless.

Hi Yabo, thanks for the comment. Hmm, the game will be strictly SFW, that said we are exploring additional content for our Patreon to help keep the project going.

(1 edit)

Good on you guys, not every game needs to be nsfw as much as I'd like it to be.

Cheers keep up the good work.


Is there going to be a android version

(1 edit) (+2)

Hi Someone, thanks for the question. Currently, we are working on some changes that hopefully will allow us to make the android version. It might take a while, until then we encourage anyone to try the other PC, Mac or Linux versions.

Hey uh

I keep getting halted at the point with the confrontation between Lucian and Gin

It keeps giving me an error and I can't get past it no matter what I do

"ShaderError: Precision of uniform 'u_model_size' differ between VERTEXT and FRAGMENT shaders"

I don't exactly know what the error means and/or how to fix it so..

just gunna report what's goin on :P

Thanks for letting us know, we'll take a look see and get back to you on that.

Hi there Rizadon, we are having issues replicating the error that was experienced, can you send a screenshot of the issue for us to know what shader was having issues.

*The Blue blots are just for privacy purposes

I don't think they're that necessary though but just keeping my irl name off the internet lol

Hello Rizadon, we regret to inform you that we are still having difficulties recreating the error that is experienced. 

We are still working on the issue, but will require more players to report  the same issue. For now we can recommend:

1. Trying a New Game file as the game when it is updated sometimes it may cause old save files to bug out when we move sprites and such.

2. Wait for the next public update and see if the problem persists. If it does we would recommend trying the New Game file once more then let us know if it did or did not work. 


Are there romance routes? I quite like the hyena and the boar.

Well what happens to the characters in the story, we'll have to wait and see. 


played and fell for Amare~

whatshouldidohelp :O


Step away from the computer and look again in 24 hours.



Had this game in my to-play list for a while, can't wait for the Android version! Looks really nice


Thanks for the follow! A "to-play" list is a great idea, but I already have so many collections... *sigh*

Can you tell me the reason for the follow? I'd like to know, if I could improve something on my profile.

(Itch.io should finally allow private DMs/PMs. This is such a hassle.)

(1 edit) (+2)

Thanks Nollel, we will let everyone know when we have an Android version

Awesome! Looking forward to it =)

Okay, so, I know it's been decided already, but... I reaaally hate Vendrake. Like really hate him.

i got a pc emulator for android, my question is, will it work?

You may try but we have no experience with anyone doing that before

(1 edit) (+2)

I don't care what anyone says, Fortis and Toast will always have my heart.
Fight me.


The big boys fan club.

(1 edit)

Hey, I love the game and especially the interactions that Lucian has with the protagonist.

But I have a doubt, at one point in the game when you find the door to hell, I think it is mentioned that it is decorated with human bones, is it a mistake or do humans exist in this universe? or am I remembering wrong?


Hiya Supleten, thanks for the question. Humans aren't mentioned in the script, but generally when the game refers to people they are referring to the anthro characters in the world.  0.7 did introduce that there are animals in the world. So think furries can have pets too.


This VN is awesome. Toast is my favorite character, he's such a cute himbo. I just wish we could hug him tho, he deserves it. 


He is the ghost with the most!

is android planned?


Android is in the talks. We are awaiting the right moment to create.

Discord link doesnt work anymore

oh thanks for letting us know, we'll update the link.

Morris is so cute omg. I cant

this vn is so good i love it 🥰

Thanks! Glad you liked it so far. Hope you'll see what comes next.

Are there only three routes? Will there be a Fortis' Route in the future


Thanks for the message, for now it's just the three routes, but there will be Fortis content of course.


Do for android.


Doing the planning for android.


absolutely brilliant game!
im really into this story and looking forward to the next update (:

Thank you Moth, glad you liked the story so far. Hang on for the next public update this month.

(1 edit) (+1)

HELLP! Snap me out from the fact that the game still in development!






I can say that this is the first VN SFW that I found. Is this romance VN? I'm not sure, but I love the plot!

Then, first come, first serve. I choose the angel. However, it's hard for me to choose others after I got "to be continued" in his route...


Thanks for the comment, we totally recommend saving at the point where you pick the routes, and we hope you'll be around to see the upcoming updates.

I'm gonna be honest I thought the story was finished so when I saw the words "to be continued" on the screen I actually cried. I was having so much fun and the story was so good! My only problem is that the villian is way too... villainous if that makes sense. After the prologue he loses depth and just becomes a basic cartoonish evil guy. But other than that I have no problems with the game. Just wondering though, when will the next update be released?


Thank you so much for playing the game, and it sounds like you had a good time. The game story is still in development, we hope to show the characters off more with subsequent updates, stay tuned!! The next public update is around the end of August 2022 for version 0.6

1 year?! i watched this vn since the beginning--- how is it one year already?


is this 18+??

WTDL is not 18+

Are you going to make a version for android

Hi Banana at the moment any other version of the game is still in discussion. Thank you for your interest.


When you finish the game, have you thought about putting it in Spanish

Currently, there are no formal plans for any translations. At most there are fan translation of the game in Chinese currently, but at the end when the game is done, we may plan for translating the project into other languages

Hello, just to tell that sometimes King's clothes change from normal clothes to work clothes when he's in his apartment

Oh thank you for notifying us, we'll review the scene and see if this is a problem.


I would humbly sacrifice everything for Amare. I love that beautiful, adorable cat man. He may have my heart, even though I know he'd probably prefer the biological organ. 

Lucian's nice too though. Favorite probably of those who are likely to potentially actually get routes. (Not trying to complain! Plotwise I think it'd be pretty hard to get an Amare route without it being AT LEAST once we're back in the underworld. Though even then, I don't think he'd be particularly interested. Alas...)

On a less simpy note, I quite enjoy the character interactions and MC is good. Maybe Fortis could shake a little less intensely? Kinda a lot and it'd be nice if it maybe slowed down a tad or something. Otherwise, a very nice experience and I look forward to seeing more!


Lucien really makes me feel things...

What kind of things? 


I think if I were to explain here I would be, as the kids say, down bad


I truly liked this game, it had an interesting plot, good art, and it roped me into the story. That being said, the fatphobia, jokes about people's weight, and constantly pointing out how fat a character is detracts from the experience, enough to make me hesitant to play the next part at all, or recommend this to other people. 


Hey, thanks for speaking about your concerns. We’re sorry if the story made you uncomfortable in any way. The interactions between Kobu and other characters are considered as a part of their characterisation and it’s not our intention to represent weight as a negative aspect as creators. We believe many body types are appealing, and you’ll find that reflected between the characters as the story develops. Regardless, thanks for you feedback, and we’ll take it on board as we continue to work on WTDL.

Deleted 171 days ago

wait wait wait.... you removed nipples???? ;-; waaaah


^  D ^

how many available routes are there? and other future routes aswell


I really love xour sense of humour ^^_ the story is coming along nicely too since the rewrite, and I adore all the sprites~ :D keep up the great work! :3

Toast is best boy! \>_</ needs more Toast!!!


Yaa Toast!


Thank you so much for new  public update I love it amazing work 

thank you for the support!

Im thinking to play this game

But before that can i ask if "i" was the demon lord or just a "someone" not The demon lord?

You play as "Kobu" the demon lord. 

dangit I thought that was a randomized name, Now I use it for everything!


Pls I need a android version

Any future versions of the game are currently in the planning stage

Jeez I love the art

Thanks glad you enjoy the art team's efforts

Existe una versión en español o planean hacer una? :3

Currently our team is not officially translating the game, all translation work you see are fan made.


Kobu is so handsome,I love him

Thanks, hope you enjoy more of his antics.

Yeah,I'll be look forward to their  funny stories and I hope you have a good rest in daily life




This group is helping to translate the game to Chinese on their own time.

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