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Plot Summary 

Exiled from the Underworld, the former Demon Lord goes into hiding in the sleepy town of Kibbleton. Though he has resigned to his fate, the forces that rule over Up Above and the Underworld are far from done with him. Now that the peace he has longed for has been disturbed, how will this demon respond? Take on the role of this ex-Demon Lord and meet a cast of demons, angels and other magical and not so magical misfits. 

About the Game 

Where the Demon Lurks is a mostly kinetic SFW visual novel with a few branching parts, and some occasional fan service.

Content Warning: This visual novel may contain mild violence, mild language and/or minimal suggestive themes, but this is mainly a SFW VN.

Do leave us a review here on Itch.io, we appreciate any feedback, and it helps to recommend the game to others. Our updates are possible thanks to our kind contributors on Patreon. If you want to see more Where the Demon Lurks consider becoming a Patron for early update access and other special goodies.






We are also proud to collaborate with Pawprint Press to release out first set of keychains designed by Kombochee. Head on to the store to get them while stocks last.


This game is proudly brought to you by:


  1. We are off WTDL development in December 2023, and will resume in January 2024

Updated on October 30, 2023

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(439 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel, Adventure
TagsBara, Comedy, Furry, Gay, LGBT, LGBTQIA, Magical Realism, Story Rich
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Smartphone


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Where_The_Demon_Lurks-0.11b-linux.tar.bz2 259 MB
Where The Demon Lurks V 0.11b.apk 292 MB

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I love this game soooo much ! 

Thank you so much, that means a lot to us.


love it! :3



This is soon good i can't wait to see more :3


Thank you for the compliment! We hope to keep making more too.


mann im still waiting for the new update


Ayy, that's great :3 Just hang on a little longer.


Absolutely loved wtdl.. got kinda sad when I saw the "to be continued" But That wont stop me.. :devious_grin:



I love Lucian sm! I cant wait for more of him

Aww, thanks for the comment! We hope there will be more of him too.

This is my first time playing this VN but I wanted to ask if I could use the characters to make a gacha series for Youtube with their other KU versions.I will give them the respective credits.

Depends on what the creator says

Hi, thank you for your comment, but we are not sure what you mean by "gacha series for Youtube", can you please elaborate or provide some examples for us to better understand it?

Something like making the chapters (depending on how many chapters there are) of the VN to episodes and upload them in Youtube. If you say yes i will make a schedule for making the episodes because it seems i wouldn't have much time to do it because of school and if you say no i will support you, at least until i get money for Patreon.

Hi, thank you for sharing more information on the matter. We first must state that we are open to all kinds of fan content filled with original new ideas as it's one of the greatest sources of support a small team like us could have. That said though we appreciate the enthusiasm of your idea in the case of retelling the game story, we would prefer if players got to experience it firsthand rather than through a brief synopsis video. So, for the time being, we are unable to give you permission to use our assets outside the game.  We do hope you're able to find something else in the future though!


Really loved this VN!!! Lucian's so cute :D

Thank you, he is among the cutest boys. :D

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This has to be one of the most interesting yet entertaining vn I have read/played especially when it comes to it's characters dynamics and world building. The characters are oh so lively and lovable that it gives the vn so much life and background and makes me want to know more of their backstory/lifestyle

Thank you Terrence, really appreciate the feedback!

Alguém pode me ajudar com esse problema

(1 edit)

Download Where The Demon Lurks by Bokedaidu - itch.io

Posso saber qual link você usou para levá-lo a essa página?

Eu não sei o que está acontecendo

Eu vejo. Acho que você precisa entrar em contato com itchio para esse problema.

I love this VN,it made me want to read more VN's,even though it's not done yet, i've already finished other VN games like DAD VN's endings, just waiting for the next update is making me hyper

Nice glad to hear wtdl could open the doors to more reading.

Tengo una duda este juego está en español!?

este juego esta en ingles

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I really love this visual novel especially the characters since they are well created and the design is splendid . The best part is how expressive the game is, from the simple resizing of their sprite to the most funny transitions. I am even more  intrigued of the worldbuilding because it is not exaggerated, it is calm ,and it also makes you imagine how the world of this story goes. The pacing of the game is unique too because we are also viewing the story in a different perspective. I know this comment is quite long but this what I can do for my dearest Lucian.  This may have no NSFW scenes but my love for Lucian is enough to make me happy and enjoy this VN. To the people behind this thank you and stay safe always.

Aww thank you for the detailed comment. It was a treat to read it.

Hello, I want to update my game since I have an older build but idk how to transfer my save data, how can I update with my old save?


All save's are automatically transfered when you update your game. That is a renpy function


Terminei de ler de madrugada, meus amigos me recomendaram a rota do Anjo, valeu a pena. Ótima VN, já quero mais!

Obrigado por dar uma chance ao nosso jogo!


Obrigado vocêe seu time por terem escrito essa obra de arte!

Super great game well made and well thought through, all in all will keep supporting.


Thank you, Player.

How tall is Toast? He looks bigger than everybody else. He is my favorite of the three characters because of his fun personality.


Toast  is actually  200 cm/ 6"7

I must say, this game is absolutely fantastic! I just love how the story flows and the art style! I also love all of those cutesy scenes, got to admit it all made me giggle. 

SPOILER ALERT!!: I just finished playing the game by choosing those 3 options where you gotta choose who you ask help to save King. Each one have surprisingly different endings. One of them, Toast being able to have a body but can't have "a man's pride", HAHAHA. It gave me a good laugh!

Anyways, I'm looking forward for the next update. Big thanks to the creators and people involved for making this gem.

Awesome though we are still a way to go before triggering an ending, it's great to see people are noticing the difference in that one choice and hopefully more people will try the other paths.

I haven't even finished playing all that this game has to offer and I absolutely love this game with all my heart. I love the story and just EVERYTHING about it!! SPOILER WARNING INCOMING: I'm at the part where you choose which person to choose to help save King and I can't wait for what's in store. I love the funny scenes in the game like when Toast just floats out the door for the chips at kings apartment and things like that. I just love everything about this game.

(1 edit)

Thanks orcbsy, we hope you'll continue your WTDL adventure and see what else we have in store.

Your welcome and thank you as well for this amazing gift to the earth! I can't wait to see what you have in store

I finished the Game like 5 weeks ago and i remembered i can make a comment! The most beatifully (the most 2 beatifullys scenes are: WAIT, SPOILER IF YOU DON'T PLAYED THE GAME .. SKIP THIS COMMENT!) 

1.- When Toast jump off the window for chips.

2.- when kobu gets hit because they where like.. deleting? Any rest of demons in the apartament BAHHAHA

Thanks for the comment!

I do love how things work in this game world. And I love Kobu too. I still believe in his power I chose the path with his and ended up quite funny *sigh. Thank you team. Game music is great too especially the song Chillax In The Mortal Realm it gives me the immersive feelings.


Thanks we'll pass your compliment to the composer!

I just rated the game. Max!

And hell I had to type /rate at the end of the address bar. Is it just me it is hard to access the rating section?

yeah the story is great so far for me also i enjoy the little laughs here and there aswell lol. A ghost, a demon, an angel, and an exocist walks into a supermart lol, now u just have to add in a karen and a kevin and then its a real showdown lol. keep up tehe great work cant wait for the next update.

Thanks for the comment, and we're glad you're enjoying the story so far.

Y'all are awesome for including a feature to skip the loooong part of the story that doesn't change between routes, I'm really enjoying the story so far!

Also Toast is fucking hot and precious, God damn.

I need some Toast for breakfast 🍞😍

Put some butter and jam on that toast too, and we're glad you liked that function.

I would, but I'm out of strawberry... Gotta remember to go to the store and get some!

lovely but i got a question when is this man going to get his horns back and him magic too its just a question

That's a good question. Let's wait and see. :D


Does the demon lord have an actual name?


The Demon Lord's name is Kobu.

Kobu has any meaning?

The name Kobu, hmmm, honestly, I picked it caused it sounded cool-Libra


Definitely enjoyed this more on Android than on PC. It's always enjoyable reading VNs on the bed.^^ <3

Even though Toast is by far my fav, Lucien and Morris are quite interesting. I wouldn't mind reading all of the routes. Heck, if I got all of Shleter VN's endings, I can do these three routes! ;D


Ayy, appreciate the time you spend reading them, and yes we do encourage everyone to try all the routes for the full experience.

i am snagging a free version for Android.

YeEeY, ive wanted to check this out for --... 

apologies, i tend to vet things b4 using my meger funds.

i will mention that from what ive seen over the years, it wont take diamond encrusted platinum to Thrill me:D

Thanks for trying the game!


~~~ *bleping furiously

it was Good~


Are you real


um, No(?)

*hypnotic arm&hand motions

~im~ ~not~ #eyeroll

Please don't forget to return Toast's pride and joy! o_o We both need it!

Maybe...just maybe



Thank you for your effort, i really love this game. Maybe the best VN i've ever played. Love the desire and the idea that you made and i hope you will continue to grow and get more fame, this game is too underrated


Thank you for the comment. We really appreciate the support, and we always encourage players to leave us a rating on itchio, it does help the game get more traction. Thanks again for trying the story!

Eu queria saber  qua e a atualização mais recente no patreon 🦁❤️

Atualmente, o Patreon é o mesmo que o lançamento público, ambos estão na versão 0.9.

Esta frase foi traduzida usando o Google translate

(2 edits)

Why is King just a silhouette

thats odd. Where is King a silhouette?

(1 edit)

Ever since he first appears, just a black silhouette for me. In addition to some characters having no color


What version of the game are you playing? That sounds like the old version.

version 0.4, I just clicked on the first download button I see

Ah that is very unusual I could have sworn we removed that version, the current version of the game is 0.9. Can you try to download the new version?

(3 edits) (+1)

Hi, i really like the vn! All the characters are great, especially the route characters. Toast is obviously a great himbo, and seeing lucien being a lil tsundere is really cute. There isnt as much morris as the other two just yet, so i cant wait to see more of him! My fave might be kobu, just cus him and his directionless life sometimes hit a little close to home haha. 
I also really like the all the animations in the game. The way the characters are almost always moving around, all the props that fly around the screen, the special effects it uses sometimes, i think it really makes the game stand out from other vns in general! 
One last thing, but it makes my happy to see a vn made by SEA people and seeing lil nods and reference to it. The little things like chicken rice, king calling his parents ah ma and ah pa, the loan shark warnings, the shophouses, the brand of bread??? im not even sure if that was intentional, but its a nice feeling to point at something and go "hey i know that!"
oops this was long!  But anyway that was all i had to say about this great visual novel, excited to see more updates :)

Aww thank you for the kind comment, it's nice to see there are people who enjoy the work we put in and yes the SEA references

will this have an official chinese language in future update?

That would require further discussion but for now we direct players to https://twitter.com/ABLocalization/status/1601681066749988864?t=89DK7RQBMbNCaCU8...

To try the Chinese translation they have implemented.



Deleted post

Hi Yabo, thanks for the comment. Hmm, the game will be strictly SFW, that said we are exploring additional content for our Patreon to help keep the project going.

Deleted post

Is there going to be a android version

(1 edit) (+5)

Hi Someone, thanks for the question. Currently, we are working on some changes that hopefully will allow us to make the android version. It might take a while, until then we encourage anyone to try the other PC, Mac or Linux versions.

Hey uh

I keep getting halted at the point with the confrontation between Lucian and Gin

It keeps giving me an error and I can't get past it no matter what I do

"ShaderError: Precision of uniform 'u_model_size' differ between VERTEXT and FRAGMENT shaders"

I don't exactly know what the error means and/or how to fix it so..

just gunna report what's goin on :P

Thanks for letting us know, we'll take a look see and get back to you on that.

Hi there Rizadon, we are having issues replicating the error that was experienced, can you send a screenshot of the issue for us to know what shader was having issues.

*The Blue blots are just for privacy purposes

I don't think they're that necessary though but just keeping my irl name off the internet lol

Hello Rizadon, we regret to inform you that we are still having difficulties recreating the error that is experienced. 

We are still working on the issue, but will require more players to report  the same issue. For now we can recommend:

1. Trying a New Game file as the game when it is updated sometimes it may cause old save files to bug out when we move sprites and such.

2. Wait for the next public update and see if the problem persists. If it does we would recommend trying the New Game file once more then let us know if it did or did not work. 


Are there romance routes? I quite like the hyena and the boar.

Well what happens to the characters in the story, we'll have to wait and see. 

Deleted 296 days ago

Step away from the computer and look again in 24 hours.


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