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Nice game


Will it become available for mobile downloads?

We shall see in the future


Am I the only one who hopes Toast is a relationship option?

cant believe I played this game for the 5th time now lmao *plays again*

Aww thanks, we're glad you like it that much


Someday on android?? 



andoride water -_-


This game has been amazing so far! Lucien has definitely caught my eye, eheheh-
I look forward to the next build!


Ayy, glad you liked it. Stay tuned for more!

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New Update YESSS, Thank you <3

We hope you enjoy it. XD

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Hello bokedaidu i am from vietnamese and i play your game upload on youtube

Thank you for taking the time to make a video, we are glad you enjoyed the game.

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Demo? Where can I get the full game of it? Its my first time here so I'm sorry if it's a dumb question

Edit- nvm i read the title wrong, man my brain gets f*cling stupid at night lol

No problem. Just for extra info, WTDL is a WIP VN. We will update as regularly as possible until the game is completed.

So you guys release new updates for the public every month?

For Public and Patreon it is every other month. 

Ah alright

So is this a dating game? Or a game that is an adventure thing

good game but how many ending this game have

Oh it is way too soon to tell, but so far there are no endings in the game yet.

there's no android build?

Hi there, currently the only builds we have created are for PC, Mac and linux. Although we do not have an official android build, we know some users can use an app to open the game on their phone. However, officially there is no android build yet.

oh ok.  Thank you

It runs normally as the story goes, however, when I open the journal it lags as hell and I kept scrolling and clicking it takes like 5 minutes to load. I don't know if it's on my device.

Hi there lustinessi, thank you for letting us know about your problem.  We're sorry the journal was causing some issues in your playthrough. We tried to replicate the problem but unfortunately we could not replicate the situation. I'm afraid we would need more reports of the same problem to come with a definitive solution. Apologies again. 

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I really like the new prologue, it really shows us that Kobu genuinely cares about being a good Demon King and tries really hard but still struggles with it which leads to inevitable burn out, instead of the old version he just seems like a spoiled brat that didn't care about anything other than himself.

Most of the changes were perfect, although I have to ask why did you cut out the beginning when Kobu was little, did it not fit with the story or was it just moved to later in the story.


Thanks for the comment. We can't say when that scene will ever return, but we did the changes not just in response to the feedback, but also to better convey Kobu's character as originally planned. To do so some scenes are changed or set to appear later when needed. So stay tuned.

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Last time I saw Android version and where is it, so sad no android version


I think they used an app to play on android, there is no android version officially from the team.


Ok im gonna buy a laptop just to play this, see you guys in like, a week lmao


That be great!


IM BACK! just finished the game, its FUCKING BEAUTIFUL! the art style is really good, the STORY ALSO AND I CANT WAIT FOR THE NEXT UPDATE <3


bruh you legit bought a laptop lol

Will there be a Android version?

For now the game is made for PC/Mac and Linux. Other platforms are still under discussion.


Is there NSFW content in this game?


WTDL is a SFW game.

Do we have an estimate on when the update will arrive?


The update will arrive come Halloween

You should probably remove the part of this page that says you don't have a Patreon, seeing as it's been nearly a week since your Patreon launched.


Oh you're right, thanks for the heads up.

Android release?


Hi there, plans for other ports will be considered in due time. Thanks for the interest.

Is this an LGBTQ game visual novel?

The VN has LGBTQ elements.

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WTDL will be a SFW game. Hope you'll stick around for the ride.

Eu vol indicar essejogo pra meus amigos 👍👍👍👍

Gostei muito esperando a próxima atualização ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

Update soon?


Here is some news.

What's Coming Next? - Where The Demon Lurks (Demo Version) by Bokedaidu (


Ngl, the timeskips make it seem rushed and dull, barely any build up at all, though it is just a demo so things are subject to change, it could really use a bit of exposition.

Besides that I'm liking the demo so far! Looking forward to its development 💃

I agree in part. I think there are ways to properly handle timeskips. Shorter timeskips work best for me and I think every timeskip should have sufficient exposition before and after to make the context clear. The timeskip we are talking about was kinda empty. If the MC had learned something or if hed did something of note to be explored later, the timeskip would feel far better.

That said, the demos sure very nice and the art is incredible.

When will there be a mobile ver.? 

Currently all plans for other versions of the game is just in the discussion phase.

Like the demo.  Not going to lie, protagonist does appear to be a bit lazy and spoiled.  Wonder if this will all lead to a change in character.


This game looks amazing, I cant wait for more updates!


Nice new VN.....aww no android well i should wait but i can't....its looks cool ughh!!


You can use an app named joyplay to load VN made with Renpy.

I want to Android download it game pls and thx

Is this VN gonna have a mobile version?

not to be a bother but when I try and play the text I cant read it it just messed up sorry 

Can you tell us more about this issue? Like can you include some screenshots of your problem?

If you’re on windows try opening the game, pressing Shift+G, then choose Force ANGLE2 Renderer; if it’s the problem I think you’re having it should help.


Great demo!


I really enjoyed this demo! Good luck in your journey with this great project!!!



The demo was really good! I'll be looking forward new updates 

looks cool, stay awesome


Any plans to make an Android build?


Any other builds are still in the planning stage. No confirmations yet.

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You can consider tesing it (pc version) with joiplay. If ok, it will save a lot of works!!

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